Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP)

2016-17, VHA, Human Factors Engineering Office (HFE)

Project Summary | My Role | Highlights

Project Summary

The Department of Veterans Affairs has been a pioneer in the use of electronic health records (EHRs), with the current EHR being constantly used and enhanced since 1996 (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2013). VA began designing and developing a new tool, the Enterprise Health Management Platform (eHMP) (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2016) to improve health care delivery and Veteran outcomes by modernizing its EHR infrastructure. Our team supported the effort by providing Human Factors and Usability expertise.

My Role

  • I supported the Womens Health Working Group (the Group was established to develop and advocate for the planned Epics and Features within eHMP that supported the mission of the Womens Health Program).
  • I performed site visits; conducting Applied Cognitive Task Analysis (ACTA) and structured interviewing techniques to obtain an understanding of clinician experiences and work habits within Womens Health and Team Care.
  • I coded and analyzed the interview data, using qual-quant methods.
  • I performed literature reviews and compared industry findings and best practices to those employed at the VA.
  • I developed reports and data visualizations to communicate findings to eHMP leadership, Working group members, and development teams.
  • I used problem analysis data to answer design questions posed by development teams.


  • My Problem Analysis work for Team Care was published in the Human Factors Quarterly (Noonan, Herout, Dobre, Moon, & Baggetta. 2017).
  • I pioneered the Problem Analysis effort, applying HFE’s early UCD strategy.  Stakeholders and development teams responded favorably to the artifacts developed and requested our involvement in other areas.
  • I drove the adoption of  Sittig & Signh’s (2011) eight-factor sociotechinical model in the coding of Problem Analysis data.  This allowed HFE to identify features for eHMP development, as well as capture, and report, on current issues that could be remediated through process improvement, adjustment to existing technology,  training, etc.

Works Cited

Noonan, A., Herout, J., Dobre, J., Moon, B., & Baggetta, D. (2017). Problem Analysis of Team Care in the VA Health Care System. The Human Factors Quarterly, Fall(20). Retrieved from

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