Veterans Health Administration (VHA), Health Information Technology (HIT) Modernization

2017-18, VHA, Human Factors Engineering Office (HFE)

Project Summary

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) is undergoing a major reorganization to transform the way it provides services for its Veterans nationally. Modernization of HIT systems is a major component of the transformation effort (U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, 2018). HFE is contributing to this effort by creating research-based scenarios, personas, and journey maps.

My Role

  • I supported the development of Meghan’s Journey, a six part effort that included three journeys, from three perspectives (the Primary Care Physician, the Veteran, and the Maternity Care Coordinator) in both an “AS IS” (representative of the current experience) and “TO BE” (representative of a future, ideal experience) state.
    • I analyzed research data to draft narratives, document pain-points, and identify touch-points.
    • I performed literature reviews and compared industry findings and best practices to  identify opportunities.
  • I supported the development of an online knowledge management database to capture and manage scenarios, journey maps, and personas.
    • I mined HFE data-sets and past studies to capture past clinical scenarios and document business needs for future scenarios.
    • I developed the data model, identifying relationships between content and content attributes.


  • I developed a custom database to manage and visualize the journey map data.  The database allowed us to quickly see all information related to an event, brainstorm possible improvements, and manage citations to research and industry best practices.

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