“Connection Error” User-Study and Redesign Guidance for the Joint Legacy (JLV) Viewer

2017, GDIT supporting Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Project Summary | My Role | Highlights

Project Summary

JLV is a clinical application designed to address historical challenges related to interoperability of health records (documents and data) between the VA and Department of Defense (DoD). JLV aggregates all records related to a given patient within one read-only interface, eliminating the need for VA and DoD clinicians to access separate, disparate viewers. (Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Information and Technology, 2017).

VA’s Human Factors Engineering (HFE) office was engaged to help improve the usability of the patient record interface. I was tasked with understanding user complaints related to a connection-error. To understand the issue I interviewed clinical subject matter experts and expert users. Based on my user research I created annotated wireframes to clearly communication findings and design recommendations to the project manager and development team.

My Role:

  • Evaluated the “Connection Error” with expert users using structured interviews.
  • Developed design recommendations using wire-frames, participatory design.
  • Presented findings to JLV leadership, development team.


  • Study findings lead to new understanding of clinician perceptions of system messaging related to interoperability errors.
  • My research resulted in a set of heuristics to help designers craft better interoperability messaging.
  • My findings, and design guidance, were documented in a poster and paper (presented at the the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society (HFES) Healthcare Symposium in Boston, 2018).
  • In addition to this study, I lead eleven (and supported 3) studies for the JLV program from 2016-18.

Works Cited

Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Information and Technology. (2017). Joint Legacy Viewer (JLV) 2.5.2 User Guide. Retrieved from https://www.va.gov/vdl/documents/Clinical/Joint_Legacy_Viewer_(JLV)/jlv2_5_2_userguide.pdf

Dobre, J., Carter, T., Herout, J., & Cournoyer, A. (2018). Minimizing the Impact of Interoperability Errors on Clinicians. Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics in Health Care 2018 Conference.

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