ThreatScreen/ThreatScreen Elyxer

 2006-7, Real Interface Expert Systems (RIES)/HealthWare Solutions

Project Summary | My Role | Highlights

Project Summary

ThreatScreen was an exposure-diagnostic/identification, data collection and reporting tool used by Emergency Management Services (EMS) to quickly assess victims to determine chemical, biological, or nuclear agent exposure. It was integrated into an Emergency Management Services (EMS) run-sheet called Elyxer. Its supplemented existing training providing EMS with well organized, easily accessible resources.  A dynamic questionnaire supported diagnosis to pinpoint responsible agents. Agent details and protocols were instantly accessible in the field.  Additionally, integration with electronic patient records simplified data collection and enabled real-time dissemination to hospitals and government agencies.  It was a web-based application compatible with hand-held devices (palm pilots) and wireless laptops (Tough books).

My Role

    • I served as the product manager and lead designer from ideation to launch, and later integration with the run-sheet product.
  • I designed the original interface, and later the integration of the tool into the run sheet.
  • I performed validation testing, and wrote technical documentation.
  • I performed rapid ethnography, visiting firehouses and observing EMS personnel.
  • I development marketing and sales materials, including the logo and branding.
  • I served as technical resources for sales team, attending sales meetings to respond to technical questions and demo the product and supporting conference events.
  • I coordinated and facilitated user-group meetings.
  • I trained users and oversaw product implementations at client sites


  • Developed Business Unit Serving EMS. Performed business analysis, managed product customization and implementation; resulting in $400,000 revenue.  Served as sales engineer, providing demos to potential investors/buyers for EMS application, provided demos/training at user conferences.
  • Managed $1 million implementation for the State of Mississippi. Created implementation plan, created training documentation, organized installation on 450 handhelds, conducted 2 day onsite training.
  • Executed over $300K in Software Pilot Programs for Yale, Georgetown, Johns Hopkins, and MD Anderson. Created training materials using Adobe InDesign, Photoshop; created interactive presentations and demos using Flash, PowerPoint, and Demo Builder.  Provided on site training, coordinated delivery of units.  Customized applications as needed, gathering and documenting requirements and overseeing development team activities.