Inclinix Critical Population Research (CPR)

2017, Veterans Health Administration (VHA)

Project Summary | My Role | Highlights

Project Summary

CPR was an internal,  web-based application that queried several databases to identify Investigator sites with adequate patient populations for clinical trial feasibility. It mapped disease prevalence data and market demography to identify regions with higher concentrations of patients with a given condition.

My Role:

  • As the Vice President of Enrollment Operations I acted as the Product Owner.
  • I worked with lead developer to refine the algorithm and defined requirements for the interface.
  • I identified, and provided, operational metrics to prove its accuracy.
  • Refined color schemes, display, and integrated data into other systems.
  • Implemented use of the tool within Enrollment Operations.


  • Established the utilization of CPR as a required first step for all recruitment projects. A better educated staff improved media strategy and project planning.  Using the product did not affect cost.
  • The tool increased recruitment of patients, reduced media spend, and increased project profitability.